Gearing Up For Our 20th Anniversary Trip

Italy Travel Junk Journal
Memories will be held HERE

Here begins the new blog entries! Is there a better way to begin something new than to start it with adventure and surprise?

I am so excited! We decided to return to Italy for our anniversary starting in Venice for the first four days (we are flying stand-by so we HOPE we will be there when we think we will be). We are staying in a hostel there and in Florence.

One of the great things about this trip is that we will be on two separate back-to-back cruises…on the same ship. We got such a deal, and because it costs so much to fly to the destination, we decided to stay longer and see more.

Harry has Greek relatives so he wanted to do the “Greece” things while I wanted to see all the museums and artwork that he and I studied while in art school. Our daughter, Abbie, spent the entire summer in Florence this year and gave us a huge list of places to eat and shop plus the sites to see.

So, we leave tomorrow and will be taking lots of photos along the way. Be sure to follow our journey on both of my Instagram accounts: @middleearthware and @julilloyd!